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Spotlight, by Freackxy

One of our favorite, Spotlight reflects our energy into the world.


Paula-Alina Dima

Our first artist, inspired by Armin van Buuren and Emma Hewitt, our little Romanian girl is an essential part of our Label. This musician has been in the music industry for over 9 years and her voice has been across the largest radio stations in the world, such as MediaNet, iHeart Radio and Last FM.

Top DJ, having mixes in the TOP 3 on Mixcloud weekly, singer and lyricist, having her lyrics in Top50 lyrics list and songs reaching the Top 50 on Spinning Records Talent Pool.

Her experience, good vibe, passion and inspiration is the very heart and soul of OneFitMusic. We are proud of our little Freackxy, bringing us closer to our fans with every new project she immerses herself in.